Pantelleria, which literally means “the wind’s daughter”, is also defined as the “black pearl” of the Mediterranean and is the biggest of the Sicilian satellite islands. Being a truly magical and still unspoiled spot, the island is a paradise on earth. Due to its volcanic origins, its structure is quite peculiar, with a harmonic combination of natural and man-made elements. Strong winds and dryness have brought its inhabitants to create some architectural features that, over the centuries, have become a trademark; that is the case of the “dammusi”, typical dwellings with domed ceilings that are a symbol of the island, or its terracing and typical gardens.

Among the main places of interest, there are Cala Cottone, Balata dei Turchi, Arco dell’Elefante (the Elephant Arch), the Specchio di Venere Lake and Sibà natural sauna. Tourists will be able to enjoy many archeological sites, such as the ones in the Mursìa and Cimilia areas, and San Marco and Santa Teresa Hills.

The island has a lot to offer to anyone who is looking for a relaxing vacation or to those interested in history, and it is also rather appealing from a culinary point of view.